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The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees

H.E Dr. Ali Bin Fetais Al Marri

Chairman Board of Trustees

- Director of the Legal Department at the Emiri Diwan (the rank of Undersecretary of the Ministry) since 1998

- legal expert at the Emiri Diwan 1997-1998

- Assistant Secretary General of the Council of Ministers in its weekly meeting participant from 1997-1998

- Professor of international law in 1997in Qatar University

- Legal researcher at the Emiri Diwan, Prince 1996-1997 Office

- Member of the committee preparing the Assistant Permanent Constitution of the State of Qatar in 1999

- Elected member of the International Law Commission of the United Nations since 2002

- Chairman of the International Committee of the contracts study entrusted with the study of contracts and agreements and review where Qatar is a member, to supervise and follow up on all issues of Arbitration related to Qatar

- Member of the National Committee on the demarcation of the border between the State of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

- Lawyer before the International Court of Justice in the case of boundary and territorial dispute between Qatar and Bahrain.

- Chairman of the Committee to draft law establishing the Supreme Judicial Council and the independence of the judiciary from the executive.

- President of the Conference “ La Franco” - diagonal Regional Justice, October 2004.

- President of the Sixth Global Forum on Fighting Corruption, 2009.

- Chairman of the French National Administration School (Lycée Voltaire).

- Member of the decision to grant doctoral degrees at the Sorbonne in several PhD dissertations since 2008.

Dr. Marri holds a doctorate degree in international law from the Sorbonne1997, along with Master of Public Law from the French University of Rennes, Honoree Medal of Academic Palm (Napoleon) Chevalier of the French Republic and the Order of Honoree Medal officer of the French Republic.

- He is also the Attorney General of the state of Qatar, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Center.


H.E. Dr. Mohamad Moncef Al Marzouki

Member of the Board of Trustees

- Former president of the Tunisian Republic

- Former president of the Tunisian Human Rights League.

- Named by Times magazine in 2013 among the 100 most influential people in the world.

- President Marzouki ranked second in Foreign Policy’s 100 Global Thinkers

- Holds a Doctorate degree in medicine and writes in law, politics and thought.

H.E. Mr. Awn Shawkat Al-Khasawneh

Member of the Board of Trustees

- Former Prime Minister of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, 2011-2012

- The International Court of Justice judge 2000-2011

- Chief of the Royal Hashemite Court 1996- 1998

- Legal adviser to the Royal Hashemite Court, rank of minister 1995-1996

- Adviser to Crown Prince Hassan bin Talal, 1990 - Office 1995

- Joined the diplomatic corps in the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1975 and moved between the different capitals of the world

- Member of the International Law Commission 1980 -2000

- Won several Arab and foreign decorations, a graduate Kapmrig University, specialization of law.



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